Medical - Our Elizabeth medical services and examination process

  • Medical Examination/Consultation - Information on the initial physical examination
  • Medication Management - We use Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI), a common treatment option for many forms of leg and back pain due to due lumbar disc herniation, degenerative disc disease and lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Pain Management - Administration of various nerve blocks and Trigger Point Injection can substantially reduce injury pain 
  • Electro Diagnostic Testing- The term “electrodiagnostic testing” covers a whole spectrum of specialized tests, two of which are the electromyogram (EGM) and the nerve conduction study
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Studies - Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, is used to help diagnose tendon tears, abnormalities, muscle bleeding, tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, hip dislocations and more
  • Final Medical Examinations - Information about the final medical examination


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