Most victims involved in Elizabeth accidents underestimate the severity of their injuries. Knee, back, neck, and joint injuries which are common following auto accidents, may not be noticed initially. Symptoms may show up hours, days, or weeks later, and even then they might not seem significant. When symptoms do appear, they may be interpreted as being minor rather than sever and are often not documented. What seems like minor symptoms now may not go away, and can quickly escalate into significant medical expenses later.

Assessing and documenting your injuries after a Elizabeth accident is the key to your physical and perhaps your monetary recovery. Many lawyers maintain that there are three aspects to maximizing your chances for a prompt physical recovery and satisfactory monetary recovery. 
  1. Select a Elizabeth treatment center that is competent to treat your injuries.
  2. Follow the Elizabeth accident injury doctor's advice and suggested treatments.
  3. Ensure that your Elizabeth doctor properly documents your injuries and continued pain and suffering during your injury recovery.
Assessing and documenting your accident injuries will not only help your doctor to treat you more accurately, but also may help you maximize the settlement of a future insurance injury claim.  With thorough and accurate medical records, you will have made the foundation for a sound presentation of your pain and suffering and the extent to which your bodily injuries interfere with your work, hobbies, and your general enjoyment of life. To be reimbursed for your losses, including your pain, restricted activities, and/or physical limitations, some lawyers state that you must prove that an accident was the proximate cause of an injury—that the injury or aggravation would not exist, if not for the accident.
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